The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Directed by Ben Stiller


Even though this film would be classified as a Hollywood film, directed by an actor, when I watched it, I couldn't help but review it from an aesthetic view due to the amazing cinematography. The cinematographer for the film was Stuart Dryburgh, and I absolutely loved what he did in this film.

I noticed that the scenes were filmed with thirds in mind, which always made the viewer's attention hone in on the most important aspect of the scene [visual proof seen here: ] The colours, framing and angles were always really well thought out, and always visually effective. Sometimes the focus of the camera isn't on what you'd expect, and other times, it's so clear what you're meant to focus on; the mixture of the two lead to a really intriguing way of filming.

The aspect I thought was most interesting was the use of words and type throughout the film. The placement and layout of type in introduced very early on, and as it appears during the film, it's always done in a thought-provoking and effective way that really adds another dimension to the film. 

If I ever endeavour to make a film similar to this, I will definitely keep in mind the tools I witnessed whilst watching this film, in hopes of creating something just as great.


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