SHOWstudio X Henry Holland


I was browsing SHOWstudio when this new video on Henry Holland appeared. The site has named this video a 'movinf portrait', shot by Clive Booth. When I saw this, I thought it was quite similar in concept to the videos I made about my immediate family. Even though I didn't directly use the subject in the aesthetics, I used they're answers to shape the video and to determine what I said in my voiceover.

I love the way this video is shot. Not expecting anything less from SHOWstudio, the video is very high-production, with dynamic spotlights, and intriguing yet simple props. I really love how simple the imagery is, yet it's so effective, especially when paird with Henry Holland's voiceover.

In the future, perhaps when I have more time to work on a video, I'd like to experiment with working towards something of this calibre. As for right now, it was a great inspiration to me when I was video-making for this project, and I ahve nothing but praise for SHOWstudio and Clive Booth's work.



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