When thinking back to my London Street Style project, I thought about the photographers whose work most made me think. I feel that if your work makes someone take a moment out of their own time and think about your work, and why you did what you did, it has a lot of power. August Sander could be called the first street style photographer, looking at his work and how he would normally photograph stylish looking people on the street. His use of analogue photography adds an obvious nostalgic quality to the photographs, but also adds a rawness and honesty that is hard to find nowadays in over-edited commercial photography.



Lartigue's methods seem to be similar to those of Sander's, and his images are quite similar in subject and feel. Lartigue seems to focus a little more on fashion and beauty, photography beautiful people and things, with his subjects being more posed than the spontaneous feel of Sander's work. The overall feeling of knowing you're looking at something interesting is the type of path I'm aiming towards with my own work.



Personally, I think that almost every photograph of Eggleston's is interesting in one way or another. His use of frame and colour is amazing, and always manages to capture an intriguing photograph. One of my favourites of Eggleston's is an untitled work taken in Los Alamos in the mid-1960s. It depicts a woman with her hair in this extravagant up-do, with 3 crystal pins holding it up. It's taken from the back, so you don't see any faces in this photo, yet I still find this to be one of the most interesting photos to look at, just from the composition and colour. This is definitely a photo I shall be trying to obtain the same feeling of through my own work.



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