Patrick Keiller

Keiller's film 'London' is, in basic terms, a documentary film about the capital English city. However, delving deeper into the film, you realise that through this documentary, Keiller plays with the surrealists' idea of changing a city just by altering the way you look at it. His use of simple scenes with an insightful and wise voiceover really makes you think, and I'd like to somehow re-create this is my oen film work for Unit 7.


Werner Herzog

Herzog was suggested to me by my tutor, Tim, and he suggested to watch Herzog's documentary about Antarctica and the people and places you encounter there. Herzog's voiceover narration explains that his film will not be a typical Antarctica film about "fluffy penguins," but will explore the dreams of the people and the landscape. Again, this use of voiceover really adds a personal feel to the film and lets you gain perspective from Herzog's point of view, which adds to your own way of thinking and interpreting. Keeping both Herzog and Keiller in mind when I try my hand at a short film for Unit 7 will be very beneficial.



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