"Be Real With Me" Interviews





Since embarking on this own-proposed project, I have gone through many trials and tribulations. Through conducting interviews not only with people I consider interesting in my life, but also with my immediate family, my aims changed from what I initially set out for myself. 

Visually, I still kept to my concept that meant I do not reveal the interviewees faces in my outcomes, but the meaning behind this altered slightly as I created more publications for each person. I started to realise it wasn’t so much about the audience connecting with the people I was interviewing; it was more about how I presented the people in my own way, and how the audience connect with that presentation. It showcases my own form of visual language that I hope the viewer can understand and interpret in the way I intended them to.

Near the start of my work, when I had created my first publication from my first interview, I received some feedback that set me back a little bit, and made me question my concept and the practical work I was doing. However, after consulting my tutors and other fellow classmates, I realised that not all feedback is useful or constructive, and I should only take beneficial feedback into account. I learnt that confidence is key to making successful outcomes; if my instincts tell me I’m on the right path, then I should be sure about that fact.

Knowing I will be graduating on to be doing Graphic Design next year, this changed my way of thinking when it came to design and layout. It changed my centre focus away from fashion outcomes, and more towards the content and aesthetics of the publications I made. My strengths lie in layout and juxtaposition on a page, and I feel I really drew on this when making my publications. Being able to make unique layouts for several different people meant I could really play with design, format and colour, and I really enjoyed this aspect of my work.

One thing I found crucial was my time management. I set quite ambitious goals for myself practically, i.e. I ended up making 7 publications, 3 short films and 3 newspapers, and so this meant I really had to make sure I left enough time for all tasks. I am quite adept at dealing with technical issues, particularly with formats for printing, so this really helped with the goals I set myself, and I was successful in achieving all of them.

At the end of this project, I feel a sense of accomplishment that I have rarely felt in the past. I have realised that by playing to my strengths, I can achieve almost anything I set myself out to do. In the past, I’ve always been scared to set myself aims that I think I won’t be able to achieve, but now I know that as long as I work hard, stay organised and be confident, I will be successful in my work.

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